Our range of services

Forms of cooperation


Realizations of seminars and/or workshops for knowledge transfer and deepening.

We are currently cooperating with the German Centre Taicang/China regarding seminars on the topic of “Market entry in Germany”.

The target group is potential Chinese investors.


Passing on specialist information, developing strategic and operational problem solutions and concepts.

Implementation of concepts.

Brokerage work (e.g. in M&A and real estate).

Support in difficult communication and conflict situations.

Interim Management

Temporary management, i.e. assuming responsibility for results in your company in a line position or in a project until the problem is solved or the project ends.

Ideal for step-by-step business development or bridging vacancies.


Taking over certain functions within the value chain.

For example, assumption of exclusive sales licenses to represent German manufacturers on the Chinese market.

Participation / M&A

Acquisition of capital shares.

For example, assumption of trust functions for Chinese investors in Germany.



  • market entry study
  • business model
  • business plan
  • legal form
  • location
  • registrations
  • residence/establishment permit
  • bank account opening
  • financing
  • insurance
  • industrial property rights
  • personnel recruitment
  • development of business relationships with customers and suppliers
  • contracts/general terms and conditions as well as external appearance

Investment management

  • brokerage of investment properties
  • advice on investment decisions
  • development and evaluation of growth alternatives
  • project management for investments in property, plant and equipment
  • purchase of real estate
  • M&A and joint ventures

Financial management

  • financing (bank-dependent and bank-independent, e.g. finetrading, factoring)
  • cash management (e.g. securing incoming payments from the perspective of German suppliers)
  • price calculations
  • planning and reporting
  • KPI analysis
  • cost management

Personnel management

  • personnel requirements planning
  • personnel search & selection
  • personnel recruitment (employment contracts, coordination with public authorities)
  • employee handbook
  • personnel assessment & development
  • salary & bonus systems

Process management

  • optimisation of the entire or parts of the value chain
  • takeover of individual processes (e.g. ensuring a smooth and secure logistics chain for goods deliveries to China)
  • supplier management & purchasing (e.g. sourcing in China for German manufacturers)
  • export & import
  • logistics
  • production
  • marketing & sales
  • online sales
  • IT & data security


  • reorganisation
  • insolvency avoidance
  • reorientation of the entire company after insolvency
  • cooperation with investors

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Managing Director
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Alexander Millinger
Managing Director
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